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Number of Children

Hourly Rate


1-2 children

$ 20.00


3-4 children



5 or more


  • Any babysitting service that involve an infant (a child 1 years old or younger), hourly rates are raised by $5.00.

  • Any babysitting service that exceeds 5 hours, hourly rates are raised by $5.00.

Rates and Costs: List
Image by Kristin Brown

There has to be some fun!


Crafts included in service


Games included in service

Specific Requests

Additional costs many be incurred 

Rates and Costs: List

Please let me know and specify if you would like to add any crafts, games, or additional activities when requesting babysitting, and do not hesitate to contact me via email for any questions or concerns.  

Rates and Costs: Text
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