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A Little About Myself and Lollipop Child Care

My Story

Hi, I am Lauren.

 I grew up in a loving home with my mother, step father, grandparents, and sister. From and early age I consistently had multiple role models in my life, such as my parents, grandparents, and sister, but not being around them everyday I had to turn to others, particularly my teachers and babysitters. I was very lucky in life to have such motivating, encouraging, and supportive mentors. My teachers and babysitters always pushed me with reassurance and support helping me know I could get through obstacles and achieve anything I wanted to if I put my heart into it. Always showering me with positive reinforcement, great advise, and a feeling of safety and comfort, I saw how good this felt to me and how good they must feel having a positive impact on a child's life.

Therefore from a young age, I knew I wanted to be that Person to do the same for other children, achieving my Bachelors Degree in Education and pursuing a path in babysitting.  If I can impact one child positively, and help them accomplish something no matter how small, I have made my mark in life and met a goal.

Babysitting is something I have done for a long time, and something I am most passionate about, which is why I wish to pursue a career in the field I feel most enthusiastic toward!

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